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Spotted: Jennifer Garner and Her Tiny Dancer
Jennifer Garner's bubbly ballerina, 4½-year-old daughter Violet Anne, practices her newly learned moves on Tuesday while leaving a dance class in Santa Monica, Calif.

Gisele Bündchen

Photos | Justin Bieber Sits Down With MTV News

Justin Bieber Sits Down With MTV News

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Norah Jones

Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Earth Song

Dominique Swain

Chris Brown Melts Down During BET Awards Michael Jackson Tribute

Singer dances flawlessly but is overcome by emotion when time comes to sing.
By Rochell Thomas

Chris Brown at the 2010 BET Awards
Photo: Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images

When Jamie Foxx, Ne-Yo and New Edition were performing tributes to Michael Jackson during last year's BET Awards show, Chris Brown was nowhere to be found, even though many felt he was an obvious choice to honor the fallen legend. Brown's assault on Rihanna several months earlier presumably kept him out of the show.

On Sunday night (June 27), Brown finally got his chance to publicly honor the man he idolized -- and while his dancing was flawless, when the time came for him to sing, he simply fell apart.

After being introduced by Jermaine Jackson, Brown beautifully channeled Michael as he danced to "Remember the Time," "Smooth Criminal" and "Billie Jean." Yet when he grabbed a mic to sing "Man in the Mirror," he choked up, visibly weeping.

"I'm gonna make a change for once in my ..." Brown's voice trailed off. He was out of breath and sounded hoarse. Tears stained his cheeks as he paced the stage, holding the microphone by his side. "This ... wind is blowing my ... Who am I to..." He clearly knew the lyrics but they failed to come out.

Brown faded in and out of the song, closing his eyes, grimacing, trying to soldier on. Whether it was the emotion of the moment or the past 16 months, Brown struggled and failed to find his voice, even though the pre-recorded backing vocals played on.

Finally, he gave up, raised a bandaged finger to the sky and fell to his knees as Michael Jackson's voice could be heard saying, "I'm starting with the man in the mirror." The camera cut from Brown to an audience member who clearly uttered "Oh my God," in shock.

The audience loudly sang the words that Brown could not. Their aid seemed to move Brown to rise from his knees and mouth the words along with Jackson's voice, while gesturing along with the mic as tears rolled down his face. In the audience, actress Taraji P. Henson could be seen mouthing, "That's all right baby," as Brown walked offstage to Jermaine Jackson, who moved to console him.

Brown's emotional performance echoed through the rest of the show. When Niecy Nash came onstage to present the Video of the Year award, she said, "When Chris Brown started crying I got choked up."

Backstage, "a lot of folks were getting misty-eyed, understanding that he was overwhelmed with emotion," BET publicist Zabrina Horton said. "Me, personally, I think 'Man in the Mirror' was great for him to do because I'm sure he still feels bad about Rihanna and wants to be forgiven. He has to make that change himself for himself and he knows that."

Later in the show, when accepting the AOL Fandemonium prize, which measures an artist's "online and mobile fan power," Brown spoke briefly.

"I didn't really prepare a speech because I didn't really think I was gonna be backstage," he said. "But bottom line, I couldn't never do this without my fans. Team Breezy, all the support I've been getting from day one.

"I just wanna say one thing,' he concluded. "I let y'all down before but I won't do it again, I promise. I love y'all, good night."

What did you think of Chris Brown's Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards? Let us know in the comments below.

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Justin Bieber's 3-D Movie Due February 11

Director Jon Chu says it won't be a 'typical concert film.'
By Kara Warner

Justin Bieber
Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

All right, Beliebers: We know you're still digesting Justin Bieber's VMA performance, Best New Artist win and Canadian reunion with Drake on the white carpet, but now we have some more info about your favorite teen heartthrob. His 3-D concert movie is due February 11.

Deadline first reported the big news from Paramount on Wednesday (September 15), but MTV News has been following the film's development since its inception. Director Jon Chu told us the film is for Bieber's fans and that it won't be just a typical concert movie.

"[It's] a movie for his fans, a movie for people who don't know him, and we're gonna tell the underdog story of where he came from," the "Step Up 3D" director explained. "Because it's a really fascinating story and it has a lot to do with our sort of digital lifestyle now. He was able to do what corporations try to do now when they use YouTube and they don't even know what to do with it yet. It's a pretty cool story for our time."

Chu said his goal is to make the film a blend of concert/biopic/documentary. "There's not going to be acted-out scenes, and I can't talk about the rest. It's not your typical concert film and it's not going to be a biopic ... but it is about his life. I think it's more of a documentary. We're going to figure it out as we go," he said. As for how much of it will be in 3-D, he said, "You'll have to see it. We're figuring that out now."

The Biebs has a lot on his plate. In addition to the film, he is working on his new video for "U Smile," his memoir hits bookstores in October, he'll appear on "CSI" next week and is also said to be involved with Will Smith's upcoming top-secret movie.

Are you counting down the days until February 11? Let us know in the comments below!

For young Hollywood news, fashion and "Twilight" updates around the clock, visit HollywoodCrush.MTV.com.

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'Glee' Creator On Britney Spears Cameo: 'It Was Like The President Had Come'

'I couldn't get into my own sets at one point, which I thought was hilarious,' Ryan Murphy says.
By James Dinh

Heather Morris and Britney Spears on the set of "Glee"
Photo: Facebook

Britney Spears may be a pop princess, but "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy felt as if the president had stopped by the set during Spears' recent visit to William McKinley High. Murphy dished about what went down when the singer filmed her cameo for the "Britney/Brittany" episode.

"It was literally like the President had come," Murphy told E! Online. "We all had to wear wristbands. I couldn't get into my own sets at one point, which I thought was hilarious."

Murphy thought Spears was moved by the cast's admiration for her. "I think she was really impressed about how so many kids of the show do what they do because they grew up wanting to be Britney Spears," he said. "She was really sweet with them. We had a number with a bunch of 8-year-old dancers in the show and she spent a lot of time talking to them, and they did the number for her ... She was so sweet, she's great with kids, she was so awesome."

But security remained tight, Murphy said, because "everybody was sort of trying to get into the set and find out what the hell she's doing in the episode." What Spears will be doing on the show is still unknown, but a picture the singer tweeted from the set suggests that she may be playing some sort of receptionist.

Aside from hanging with the pop princess on set, the "Glee" creator also got to hear some of Spears' new material. "I got to hear some of the music she's putting out later this fall or early next year," Murphy said. "It's really a great return to form for her; the songs are amazing so I feel she's riding the crest."

And while there has been talk of Madonna tunes blaring the speaker intercoms once again, Murphy has also revealed that Britney "probably" will reprise her cameo spot on "Glee" episodes.

Last week, the singer tweeted photos of herself on set alongside Murphy and castmember Heather Morris. Posing in front of a set that looked similar to the singer's "Me Against the Music" video backdrop, Spears channeled the Madonna look that was donned in their 2003 collaboration.

What kind of character do you want to see Britney play on "Glee"? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Lindsay Lohan Nominated For New Brat Pack By 'Breakfast Club' Cast

'I hope that no one gets that mantle put on them,' Judd Nelson says at movie's 25th anniversary screening.
By Eric Ditzian

Molly Ringwald
Photo: MTV News

In February of 1985, the young hot-shot actors soon to be dubbed the Brat Pack assembled in Los Angeles for the premiere of their brand-new flick, "The Breakfast Club." A then-16-year-old Molly Ringwald settled into her seat with an eye on heading home to do homework afterward. Meanwhile, Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez where nowhere to be seen.

"Emilio and I were in the bathroom throwing up from sheer nerves," Nelson recalled. "It was already playing and we walked out like, 'We can't watch this!' We knew it was a great script, but you don't know if the public will think that way."

Just over 25 years later, a considerably less nervous Nelson gathered with his cohorts to celebrate the film's silver anniversary and to honor the memory of Hughes, who passed away in August 2009 at the age of 59. And as the cast (minus Estevez) walked the red carpet outside the Paris Theatre in New York, they spoke to MTV News about which young actors have taken over the pop culture mantle of the Brat Pack.

"I have to say Lindsay Lohan is a really, really talented actress, and my heart goes out to her," Ringwald told us. "I really wish the press would lay off of her and that somebody would step up and really help her."

"Lindsay Lohan!" seconded Ally Sheedy, before adding, "There are all the cool 'Harry Potter' kids!"

Hughes became inextricably bound up with the Brat Pack back in the day, writing and directing films like "Sixteen Candles," "Pretty in Pink" and, of course, "Breakfast Club." Anthony Michael Hall, who first collaborated with Hughes for 1983's "Vacation," noted how a new generation of directors has risen up after Hughes to address similar issues of alienation and slackerdom.

"Judd Apatow does great work. Kevin Smith does great work," he said. "In terms of the young talent in the industry today, I salute them. The world has changed so much, and it's more competitive than ever."

For his part, Nelson remains wary, even 25 years later, of the Brat Pack label. "I hope that no one gets that mantle put on them," he said. "I'm not a fan of that term. I think people look back on that term in a cuddly way, but I still think it's reprehensible. I hope that no one is painted with such a broad brush."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit MTVMoviesBlog.com.

Roselyn Sanchez

Getting the best out of you camera

Digital cameras have become common, with most people owning one, or several if you count the many different camera phones on the market There are many new cameras out there to suit most peoples price ranges like the canon Ixus digital camera, or in fact any of the canon ixus range for that matter,

The internet has played a big part in changing how people store pictures, with most people having an online photo album so that there friends and family can see whats happening. this means that most people upload photos more ofter. Now you want your photos to look as professional as possible . With my help we are soon going to have you taking professional photographs

1 Theres a good reason why they supply a manual, take your time to go through it and look at the features available and how to navigate through the menues that way it you will save time when your taking your actual pictures The Canon Ixus digital dslr camera manual for instance is broken down into uncomplicated to understand sections that will help you to master the controls

2 Make sure you go into settings and turn the date stamp off If theres a good reason to keep it on then fine, but far better to remove it. If you need to know when the picture was taken you can always change the file name to the date at a later point. Far greater than losing a section of your respective photo.

3 Make sure you use the flash the right way. There is no point in taking a picture of something in the distance at night as it will not show up. Its worth while using your cameras night times setttings. The flash is best used close up, less than 5 feet from the object preferably alot closer than this.

4. Lock the concentrate. make sure when you press the button that you press it down about half way first, as this will let the auto focus do its magic

five. Try employing the preset adjustments. Alot of the better cameras have special settings, these arnt a gimic they are designed to help you get the most from particular scenes

6. Distance settings. These are there for any purpose. Macro settings are for taking close up pictures, all you have to do is follow the manufacturers recommended settings or alternatively you can just experient when you have some time with taking close up pictures of everday objects. However some cameras like the Canon Ixus range have exceptional auto settings that will take the effort out of your pictures, making it really just a case of point and shoot. Not all cameras are that good in this department so its worth playing around with the settings and seeing what you can achieve. With most of the cameras that are currently on the market you should be careful trying to use the zoom and the macro setting at the same time as one is likely to interfere with the other, making truely awlful pictures. If this happens with your camera all you really need to do is get a little closer to take your picture, its not really the end of the world .

7. Dont have a dirty lens. There is no point in trying to take pictures if you have a ton of dirt on your lense. I normally just breath on the lense then use a microfibre cloth, simalar to the type you would use you a pair of glasses to do the job.

8. Ok so you were born with two hands (well hopefully) So why try to use only one to take a picture?. Not doing this and you can pretty much garentee that your pictures will be blurred from where you are moving your hand about. even if they are not you will find that your auto focus will have to keep adjusting. If you have one of the Canon Ixus Cameras they have inbult image stablisation, but thats not really the point and you should get into the habit od holding your camera properly!

9. A friend of mine gave me this tip, if you rest your elbows on your chest when you take pictures it will help keep the camera more stable. This makes a huge difference together with the last tip when using a camera phone.

10. If your camera is fitted with a view finder, use it. Some of the new cameras like the Canon Ixus digital range are fitted with pure colour Lcd screens. this is so you can check what your picture looks like after you have taken them, unless of course yours doesnt have a view finder! Once more exact same purpose as just before it'll steady your hands and strengthen the picture, this becomes even more important when utilizing slow shutter speeds (see ahead).

If your head hasnt already exploded then ive got more for you.

Ive already given you alot to consider but thought I would give you a little more before I call it a day and stop writing

Using Photographs In Low Lumination Conditions

Quite a few people when buying new cameras state that they want to use the camera to take good pictures indoors or in the evening when its getting dark. What normally happens is they get home and try the new camera only to find that the pictures still suck.....

Before I tell you how to deal with this situation, perhaps it may be a good idea to discuss how camera's actually work, which will help make the problem a bit clearer. I'm sure you have noticed when you go to take a picture the shutter opens up. The reason that is does this is to allow light onto the sensor that is within the camera. The brightness of the picture taken then depends on how much light there is. If its not a bright day or you are taking your picture in doors without the flash you are going to get a rubbish picture normally The lens must also gather lighting (aperture)

Now the ISO (dont ask me to tell you what that actually stands for) is basically how sensitive the sensor thats in the camera is sensitive to light So in order to get the best from our camera it becomes very obvious that we need to adjust the settings that will improve the amount of light that the camera sees. Firstly you will need to increase the sensors sensitivity to light by increasing the ISO. The longer the shutter remains open for the more light it will let in. This is adjusted by changing shutter speed, which isnt a problem providing your not shooting moving objects as they may end up blurred ruining your picture. If you can adjust the aperture you'll must widen it. More external light is the next solution. either by putting more actual light on the subject (like when you see a big light used in a photo shoot) or the more simple way of just using the cameras inbuilt flash Normally if your taking pictures of something fairly near to you ie 3 metres then the flash so be more than adequate for the job. If your over about 15 feet from your subject, I wouldnt bother using the flash as its not going to help that much. Far better to just get closer to the subject before taking the picture

Its well worth noting how the a lot more you boost the ISO the much more grainy the photograph can become so dont go overboard

Finally shooting in bright conditions. You should always try to have the sun behind you that way you will get the most vivid colours. If its too bright you may find that the shadows around the subject become too dark. With this you really need to judge this for yourself

Ok that wraps it up for this article, but if you need additional you are able to always study my other articles just goto Canon Ixus 95